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Purple Garden Bench with bright plants underneath!


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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesdays

  • Janet

    I know it’s wordless wednesday, but now you have to tell us all that you have growing there.

    • awildflowergirl

      Very funny and thank you for asking. My garden designer friend has been telling me a little of this and that about plants when we go plant shopping and as I had thought about organic landscape design at one point so love our trips but was not sure how much I was retaining about identification and all of the names. So, when you asked I initially thought – have no idea will have to hope I sunk the tags with the plants. But, after looking at the plants I did recall a few and then checked a couple and then there may be one good guess based on my receipt but could be off.
      So, under the bench are a variety of sedum. On the bench are in the very little pot two of the sedum from under, diamond frost is the white sparkly plant and the dark reddish plant is a dark reiter geranium. The plant next to the bench I believe is the begonia grandia and yes it is suppose to get big – pretty sure ; )

  • nonoymanga

    Very nice composition!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  • virginiaplantation

    What a great use for the bench! We are looking for ideas for our 221 yr old plantation.


    • awildflowergirl

      My friend is a very creative garden designer – all the credit goes to her!
      And I love looking out my windows at the scene – makes me smile everytime.
      Thank you for your comment and have fun creating your own great spaces ; )

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