A Quiet Beginning

If You Love Someone . . .

There is something about running through my small town in the quiet of a new years day morning . . .

This year I was well into my run and my head was lost in thoughts and plans and dreams when I came across three men loosely gathered out in front of one of their homes. They were starting their day catching up with each other over a smoke. One of the men waved at me and I waved back greeting them with a smile and a happy new year. Really to my surprise a chorus of ‘happy new year’ returned in my direction. My thoughts quickly moved to the warmth of community and how fortunate I am to have such great friends, a wonderful dad and my guy who loves me!

The route for this run was where the wind took me so when I ended up on a bridge over a river with several flocks of geese flying over I had to take a moment. In one of the streams of geese I noticed a single goose flying in the middle at the wide expanse in the back. She was taking a break in the draft. Another goose flew off the formation to pull this lone goose on to her wing and back into the group. I started myself and my watch back up and not far down the road four bluebirds of happiness flew right across my path.

So, as I was nearing home I realized that along the way my uncertainties about this new beginning and my place in it were warmed by strangers, tears brought on by the geese reminded me of all of the kindness in my life, and those bright bluebirds made me smile and resolve to appreciate and be happy!

I feel “so damn lucky” – Dave Matthews!


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