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Restaurant noise, attentive service, sitting in the middle of a family style table and ambiance made us feel like we had found a welcoming happy place for our dinner out after an art opening in the city.

My Parma pizza was from the Le Pizze Tradizionali menu. The crust was thin and crisp and supported perfectly a generous yet truly balanced proportion of mozzarella, fontina, arugula and the most wonderful prosciutto di parma. My road buddy ordered the anatra pizza from Le Pizze Napoletane menu. His crust was doughy and flavorful and a perfect plate for the san marzano tomatoes, anatra duck luganega, red onion, cerignola and mozzarella.

We were really there for the pizza but the rest of the menu looked equally enticing and full of balanced flavors and interesting combinations.

Marc Vetri is a supporter of local farmers and this definitely came through in the Antipasti dish that we had. It was a fall special [a little behind in posting this ; )] and the variety of vegetables prepared and seasoned uniquely was again perfectly balanced and interesting! I would recommend starting with any dish from the antipasti menu in any season and his menu does change seasonally.

On my wish list for our next visit is the pumpkin ciambella with spicy hot chocolate and homemade fluff. I saw several of these wonderful plates with pillowy puffs and hot chocolate and fluff come out of the kitchen. My road buddy was very encouraging about sharing an order including warning me that I might have some regret – hate when he is right ; )

Pizza Note: “In its simplest, most elemental form, pizza is melted cheese . . . on good bread . . . with tomato–one of the all-time great food combinations. Pizza is a perfect food.”  – Ed Levine


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