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Breakthrough & Thank You

Garden CenterIt happened last week . . . the day started and I was feeling happy, grateful and appreciative of everything! This not totally unusual and mostly this is how I am, but over the years I have become a little unsure and unsettled and anxious. These feelings have creeped in slowly over time and create an undertone of how I perceive my activities and my days. Much of this has to do with time – I am getting older with less of it but more of an awareness of all the things I want to do compounded with a self inflicted uncertainty that I am doing what I should be doing. Add to this the current cultural state that time is going by so fast – really?

I have realized what has been going on and have been mantra-ing myself to living in the moment and acceptance. Everything I read and hear on this subject has also instilled a resolve to change. After all I most definitely do not want to look back and see how wonderful my life has been without fully appreciating it while I am living it – –

So on that day when everything was good, all of what I had been reading and hearing and working on myself overtook the questioning and let me just be in the moment and ok with me and my world. The breakthrough was it felt so incredibly good in my heart and my head that I know that this is the way of thinking and feeling and being that I want to hold on to.

It would be awesome if I could tell you that I am fixed and here is the answer. What I can tell you is that it is so worth the effort to work on being good with you just as you are. And, that I feel that my breakthrough came with time, knowing things had to change and after reading so many blogs, hearing so many stories and listening to so many friends . . . and for this I am so appreciative!

I want to Thank You!


A comfy café chair and a mug of good coffee . . .

. . . or my 1992 champagne colored Saab, my music shuffling on my iPhone and really good coffee in my favorite to go cup!

That day I was practicing being even more patient than I think that I already am. A small miscommunication found me hanging out in my much loved Saab waiting for a honey delivery. Not such a big deal, right. Except that I had a very full day with really really important things to be doing that were not in my car in the middle of a parking lot.

This is my friends local honey though and totally worth any amount of wait . . . two hours, however, did start to bring in to question a possible re-schedule.

I took a deep breath [ok more than one] and reminded myself that I always have something to do with me – which I did. And, that I can really make any place conducive to a little productivity – even if it is time for reflection.

The honey is so awesome ; ) and provided a good reminder to breathe, adjust without drama and be just a little cooler . . .

Time is relative . . .

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”   – Albert Einstein


Time does seem to be highly commented on and I will venture that most of the comments that I hear are something like: ‘time is going so fast’, ‘I can not believe it is the end of the day, Friday, a new year already”, and ‘I am so busy’.

How is it that we collectively seem to be consistently crazy busy with not enough time  . . . to get it all done? Does this state of being allow us to be enjoying our days or stress us out? And, can we positively affirm our way out of this situation?

Can we add time to our day as was once suggested to me? Or is it as her partner countered and the reality is a day is 24 hours?

I believe both . . .

There truly are just 24 hours in a day. But, we can make the day more if we find our personal ways to add extra time. This concept is individual in that we must look for what will make a difference in our perception of our day. For me, right now, it is creating a doable to do list, making a conscious effort to be present in the moment, being positive about my things to do and my accomplishments and creating some me time. This I feel is my extra time! Still a work in progress ; )

Einstein’s theory that time is relative led to his belief that it speeds up or slows down depending on how fast one thing is moving relative to something else.

So, perhaps if I slow down and practice conscious appreciation of the time I have then those around me will also have some extra time  ; )

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