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A comfy café chair and a mug of good coffee . . .

. . . or my 1992 champagne colored Saab, my music shuffling on my iPhone and really good coffee in my favorite to go cup!

That day I was practicing being even more patient than I think that I already am. A small miscommunication found me hanging out in my much loved Saab waiting for a honey delivery. Not such a big deal, right. Except that I had a very full day with really really important things to be doing that were not in my car in the middle of a parking lot.

This is my friends local honey though and totally worth any amount of wait . . . two hours, however, did start to bring in to question a possible re-schedule.

I took a deep breath [ok more than one] and reminded myself that I always have something to do with me – which I did. And, that I can really make any place conducive to a little productivity – even if it is time for reflection.

The honey is so awesome ; ) and provided a good reminder to breathe, adjust without drama and be just a little cooler . . .


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