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Putting it on Paper

Somehow the act of writing it down makes it real. It is now out there for someone to read and have a feeling and opinion and relate to in their way. If we pause to think about it, it is actually a pretty brave act as it exposes a some of who we are. Like writing in your day planner with a pen instead of a pencil the idea of commitment and accountability can be inhibiting.

When do we let go of what others might think and put ourselves out there? And, do I have anything to say? Which if you knew me would seem amusing as I am one with many opinions and few filters. Yet, putting my ideas out there on a blog like putting it on paper is not easy and I feel still a little hesitant – –

I read somewhere that “what you post has to inspire, connect, entertain or educate.” This is a cool and kind of a big deal responsibility!

I follow some truly inspiring blogs written by talented and passionate individuals! Mostly I think we would all be friends because I can relate to so much of what they say which makes sense as relating and sharing are part of our friendships and then really a part of why we follow the blogs we do. It is warming and comforting to know that there are people out there like us.

So, I am picking up a pen and plan to muse out loud and share with some new friends!


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